I’M BACK! An Update on Life and Other Things

A ship sailing out at dusk.

What I’ve Been Up To, Life, and a Retrospective Hey all! It’s been over a year since I last posted here – normally I would say something like “time really flies,” but honestly, I felt like time slowed down for me over 2023. I don’t have a huge, “this is crazy!” reason for my absence […]

Game Analysis | Warframe: Secondary Systems

Analyzing the Secondary Systems in Warframe Hey all, In the previous post, I discussed core systems from Warframe, including movement and combat. I touched on some of the game’s secondary systems as well, but didn’t go into detail. This post will dive into the nitty-gritty details of some of those systems, explaining and showcasing how […]

Game Analysis | Warframe: Core Systems

Analyzing the Core Systems in Warframe Hey all! It’s been a long while since I last posted, thanks to a slough of projects both in and out of university. Fortunately, with the fall semester ending soon, I’ll hopefully be able to find time to return somewhat to my former activity here. I’ll cover that a […]

Welcome to Tenodru’s Thoughts – Get in Here!

Discussing Website Migration, Rebranding and Rebuilding, and Other Information Hey all! Alex Kong – Tenodru – here. If you’re looking for my current website, you’re in the right place! I used to be found at TenodruDevelopment and TenodruCreative at Wix. I recently decided to start rebuilding my brand, which means a new website is in […]

Aetherus | A Peek Into Development – Aesthetics

In this newest development build, I’ve built out the game’s mechanics and aesthetics – this post will focus on the aesthetics of the game, including a nearly-finished first visual pass, some animations, and early sound.

Aetherus | The Var, Guardians of Aetherus

I had time to run a different round of showcasing! Since the last update, I’ve updated the art, especially within the caves, and added textures for all unique structures except the cave shrine. I added an early version of the lighting and skybox to add atmosphere, as well.

Aetherus | In-Engine Progress Round II

This short post will cover some thoughts and ideas I’ve had after a second round of playtesting. For reference, this round of playtesting used the most recent version of Aetherus – a version I haven’t yet shown, with textured structures and terrain, and a modified first-person controller.

Aetherus | In-Engine Progress (Whiteboxing and Model Designs)

Last update covered the new vision behind the game and the world of Aetherus. Now, it’s time to reveal some of the in-engine progress I’ve made within the past week. To preface, I am using Unity 2019.2.17f1 to build this game. I’ve chosen not to upgrade to 2019.3+ due to interface and other changes.

Aetherus | A New Vision

The last time I posted, I had just gone through a bit of color-scheme experimentation, and conceptualizing of what I wanted the visual style of the game to be. This update will be a bit of a jump from that, as I want to explain what my new approach to the story and gameplay of Aetherus will be.

Aetherus | Early Color Scheme Experimentation and Thoughts

While working on the concept for Aetherus, I made several additional notes of ideas that I thought might be able to fit within this world and the gameplay. One set of these notes covered color schemes: sets of colors for different aspects of Aetherus, including factions, loyalties, etc. In these notes, I focused on the game’s two main “factions,” Aetherus and the Malevolence.