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About Me

I’m a game designer, developer, coder, writer, and an avid fan of video games and virtual worlds of all kinds.

Games have been a part of my life for nearly two decades now, both as a pastime and as part of my craft. Titles like Minecraft, Diablo, Overwatch, Warframe, and Hades have all influenced my work, and pushed me to pursue a career in game development and coding.

As a developer, my experience includes languages like C#, Python, Java, HTML, PHP, Kotlin, and C++, and engines like Unity and Unreal. I enjoy systems and framework design, setting the groundwork for the complex functionality necessary to power the games and software I create. Modularity and organization are key facets of my design, allowing me and the teams I work with to easily understand and maintain my code.

Working on project teams has also given me great experience using tools like Trello and Jira to keep workflows organized. Many of my projects have been accompanied by extensive design documentation, some of which can be found above in my portfolio.

My Experience

My working experience has allowed me to meet and work with a wide, diverse group of people, all of whom have influenced my career path and career goals.

As an Arts and Entertainment Technologies graduate from the University of Texas at Austin (2018-2022), I have been continually inspired by those within and outside of this program to think and create. Working opportunities with professors at the university have allowed me to provide valuable help as an undergraduate teaching assistant for several semesters.

In addition, my academic work here at the university spans across the fields of computer science and business.

Working towards a Bachelor of Science in Arts and Entertainment Technologies alongside a minor in Business and a certificate in Elements of Computing has proven to be a welcome challenge. My multidisciplinary pursuits have allowed me to expand my skills across these three fields, and have driven me to find solutions and success by crossing creative thought, technical knowledge, and business craft.

Jan 2024 - Current

Coding Coach

Currently working as a coding coach with Code Wiz in Houston.

Also created and currently maintains a Notion database to record students’ progress and document their work.

Aug 2020 - May 2022

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Served as an undergraduate teaching assistant in a variety of classes each semester in the University of Texas’ Arts and Entertainment Technologies.

Aided students with questions and technical help on topics, assignments, and projects. Held weekly office hours in relation to this responsibility.
Monitored and moderated online class meetings and discussions.
Helped instructor grade and provided thorough feedback on assignments and projects.
Kept track of student attendance and class participation.

  • Procedural Generation in Games
    Tyler Coleman | Jan 2022 – May 2023
  • Design and Interactivity in Games
    David D.S. Cohen and Honoria Starbuck | Aug 2021 – Dec 2021
  • Foundations of Video Game Development
    David D.S. Cohen | Aug 2020 – May 2021