Aetherus | A Peek Into Development – Aesthetics

In this newest development build, I’ve built out the game’s mechanics and aesthetics – this post will focus on the aesthetics of the game, including a nearly-finished first visual pass, some animations, and early sound.

Aetherus | The Var, Guardians of Aetherus

I had time to run a different round of showcasing! Since the last update, I’ve updated the art, especially within the caves, and added textures for all unique structures except the cave shrine. I added an early version of the lighting and skybox to add atmosphere, as well.

Aetherus | In-Engine Progress Round II

This short post will cover some thoughts and ideas I’ve had after a second round of playtesting. For reference, this round of playtesting used the most recent version of Aetherus – a version I haven’t yet shown, with textured structures and terrain, and a modified first-person controller.

Aetherus | In-Engine Progress (Whiteboxing and Model Designs)

Last update covered the new vision behind the game and the world of Aetherus. Now, it’s time to reveal some of the in-engine progress I’ve made within the past week. To preface, I am using Unity 2019.2.17f1 to build this game. I’ve chosen not to upgrade to 2019.3+ due to interface and other changes.

Aetherus | A New Vision

The last time I posted, I had just gone through a bit of color-scheme experimentation, and conceptualizing of what I wanted the visual style of the game to be. This update will be a bit of a jump from that, as I want to explain what my new approach to the story and gameplay of Aetherus will be.

Aetherus | Early Color Scheme Experimentation and Thoughts

While working on the concept for Aetherus, I made several additional notes of ideas that I thought might be able to fit within this world and the gameplay. One set of these notes covered color schemes: sets of colors for different aspects of Aetherus, including factions, loyalties, etc. In these notes, I focused on the game’s two main “factions,” Aetherus and the Malevolence.

Introducing Aetherus | Concept and Demo Level Ideas

Aetherus is the working title of a game I’m currently working on. At the moment, I’m focused on creating a working level that will showcase the game’s setting, environment, and core gameplay loop.