Partyception is a fast-paced lobby-style Pop Quiz party game with dozens of trivia questions across a variety of entertainment categories.

Test your knowledge against a group of friends, or organize a massive lobby on a stream and see who makes it to the end!

How to Play

From the main menu, choose whether you want to create a lobby, or join one.

Creating a lobby?

Enter a username and create the lobby! On the lobby screen, you’ll be given a code – this is your lobby code. Give it to anyone who you want to join your game!

Joining a lobby?

Ask the lobby host for the lobby code, then enter a username and the code!

If you’re the host, click (Start) to start the game.

Otherwise, wait for the game to start!

Hosts have a range of settings to tailor the game session to their preferences!

(We recommend asking the other participants for their preferences too – they’ll probably appreciate it)

Sit tight and wait while the host chooses the game settings!

Once the game begins, you’ll be given a question and four answer choices.

Choose the answer that you think is correct; don’t worry, you can change your answer at any time before the timer runs out!

After the round ends, the round recap screen will show how many players are left.

For extra spice, the names of the round’s eliminated players will be on full display for everyone to fondly remember.

If you got eliminated, it’s ok, there’s always next time!

(If you’re the host, you’ll stay in the game to see the performance of everyone else, but you won’t be able to answer)

Keep answering until you get eliminated or you reach the end!

After the final round, the game recap screen will show how many players reached the end!

Check out the question list to see a breakdown of all questions this game (and their correct answers)!

How did you do?

Fun fact: Partyception is infinitely replayable!

So…how does another go sound?